Schools Inspectorate Department

The Inspectorate Department in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education was established in 2016. The Ministry came up with a schools inspection strategy to improve service delivery, raise standards and promote quality education in schools. The department’s core business is to undertake schools inspection to improve service delivery, ensure quality learning and raise standards in schools. The department strives to accomplish this mandate through ensuring Access to Education and the Provision of Quality Education.

This mandate is fulfilled by providing policy guidelines and promoting adherence to rules, regulations and set standards in the education system nationally. To ensure that prescribed rules and procedures are followed, the department adopts approaches such as school inspections, investigations, and follows ups. The department then recommends appropriate disciplinary procedures to the relevant departments when violations have been made.

The Inspectorate department is mandated to monitor, assess and evaluate service delivery in the school system. Where there are staff capacity gaps the department spearheads the professional development of schools inspectors, school heads, and teachers and facilitate participation at seminars, conferences and in-service training.

The Inspectorate department is a critical asset to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in that it promotes and upholds the provision of high quality and relevant education in the entire school system.

To the public and in particular, to responsible authorities, parents/ guardians, and other stakeholders, school inspection guarantees them maximum utilisation of the resources they invest in the education of children. School inspection, to the parents also provides surety that their children get quality learning.

The Inspectorate department contributes to the Ministry vision, mission and objectives by watching over and ensuring that the nature of education offered in the school system is inclusive, of quality,  relevant and competence driven at all levels. The department achieves this by checking on issues of access, compliance to policy and set standards, school performance levels, the nature of infrastructure availed by schools. With the advent of the updated Curriculum, the Inspectorate department superintends over its implementation so that the curriculum’s aims, goals and objectives are attained.