Our mission is to lead the Ministry in effective planning to aid provision of accessible, quality education.

  • Description

    Our responsibility as the Policy Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS) department is to provide overall guidance for the development of the education sector. We take leadership in key activities, such as:

    1. Leading research to guide policy decision-making processes
    2. Developing education plans and strategies
    3. Reviewing facets and performance of the education sector against plans and targets
    4. Developing formulae to guide allocation and utilisation of different resources; and
    5. Coordinating the work of various players in the education sector to ensure synergies.

    We ensure the Ministry maintains its strategic thrust, and that the overall vision is systematically pursued in order to manage a modern progressive education system. We also ensure new skills and knowledge are developed for leaders, managers and administrators at the National, Provincial, District and school level.


  • Overall Functions

    • Strategic planning and development, research, implementation, monitoring and review of policies for the development of primary and secondary education.
    • Instituting action and applied research into various aspects of the education system.
  • Specific functions

    • Promoting access to education through establishment and registration of schools, infrastructural development and maintenance
    • Conducting research to inform policy, curriculum and decision making
    • Planning for educational needs of the country
    • Monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects
    • Analysing and processing applications for school fees and levies variations
    • Monitoring and evaluating programmes, projects and educational materials
    • Collecting, capturing, and reporting on statistical data for Education Management Information System (EMIS)
  • Structure of the Department


Important Downloads

Education Sector Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020