The department came into being in 2016. It is composed of two major sections namely ICT & e-Learning, and Communication Strategies & Image Building.

ICT & e-Learning

Coordinate, monitor, evaluate and advise on all information technology activities throughout the entire ministry in terms of:

  • User and Systems Requirement Analysis
  • Project monitoring, management and implementation
  • Technical support and expertise throughout MoPSE
  • Evaluation of e-learning materials
  • Provide for centralised data processing and information centre for the ministry (EMIS, TDIS, and e-MAPs)
  • Hardware and software support
  • Development of e-Applications and localised digital learning content
  • Development and implementation of ICT policy for the ministry
  • Train and facilitate ICT training for teaching and non-teaching staff including learners
  • Design and development of research instruments
  • Design and support of ICT networking infrastructures

Communication Strategies & Image Building

  • Prepare media interviews
  • Develop messages to convey to MoPSE stakeholders
  • Suggest new initiatives to keep the ministry on the cutting edge of communication with its stakeholders
  • Writing and distributing news releases and responding to media inquiries
  • Planning for all news conferences
  • Monitoring the print and electronic media in order to identify what the media is saying about the Ministry
  • Manage MoPSE website and social media presence and responding to inaccurate posts and requests for information
  • Responding to calls and emails from stakeholders about the ministries plans and activities
  • Preparing speeches and presentations for senior management
  • Managing the ministry’s blogs
  • Developing a communications risk management plan
  • Developing communications materials (e.g., fliers, information brochures, and banners)
  • Driving organisational confidence