• Finance Division

    • Controls and manages public funds voted by Parliament including donor funds and statutory funds.
    • Coordinates the prepares the Ministry’s estimates of expenditure and revenue and P.S.I.P
    • Prepares monthly and annual financial reports to the Secretary
    • Attend to issues raised by the Auditor General, Accountant General and Internal Audits
    • Provides advice to heads of Departments on financial procedures
    • Prepares Annual financial returns
  • Administration Division

    • Asset Management
    • Procurement of goods and services for the Ministry
    • Transport management and control
    • Invites and formulate in liaison with GPSI effective security on government buildings
    • Initiates and formulate implement and review effective Registry policies, systems and procedures.
  • Human Resources Division

    The Human Resources Division in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education falls under the department of Finance, Administration, Human Resources and Discipline.

    Human Resources division is divided into Northern and Southern Regions.  The Northern region covers the following provinces:

    • Harare Province with 7 districts
    • Manicaland Province with 7 districts
    • Mashonaland Central Province with 8 districts
    • Mashonaland east Province with 9 districts and
    • Mashonaland West Province with 7 districts

    While the Southern Region covers the following Provinces:

    • Bulawayo Province with 5 districts
    • Masvingo Province with 7 districts
    • Matabeleland North Province with 7 districts
    • Matabeleland South Province with 7 districts, and
    • Midlands Province with 8 districts

    The division has a staff establishment of 28

     HR Division’s Functions

    The HR division is mandated to manage all Human resources in the Ministry, promote occupational health and safety, and gender equity and workplace HIV/AIDS awareness

    The following are specific HR functions

    1. Recruitment and Promotions
    • Appointment
    • Renewal of contracts
    • Reappointment of critical manpower shortages
    • Transfers and regrading (in the Ministry)
    • Promotion of heads, deputy heads and non-teaching staff
    • Induction (Dress code and Conditions of service
    • Succession planning
    • Client charter
    1. Conditions of service
    • Terminations
    • Salary administration
    • Leave processing
    • Pension processing
    • Funeral assistance
    • Monthly returns
    • Housing loans
    • Transfer and regrading (out of the Ministry)
    • Staff projections
    • Monthly reports
    • Staff welfare
    • Teacher Training and Development Information System (TDIS)
    • Gender/HIV/AIDS/Wellness awareness
    1. News and Updates
    • The HR Division has managed to create a database of all its teachers to assist it in strategic human resources management.
    • Newly qualified teachers are advised to approach any Provincial/District Recruitment and Placement Committees of their choice for placement and consideration.

    Division’s Contact Details

    Mrs M. N. Makonese   |   mn_kufah@yahoo.com  |  Cell:  0716 800 045

    Mr M. H. Muguse  |  mhmuguse@gmail.com  |  Cell: 0712831297

    Training and Performance Appraisals Division


    • Human Capital Development for improved service delivery

    Other Key Functions

    • Staff capacity development, and in-service training
    • Induction of new college graduates
    • Processing of Manpower Development Leave Applications
    • Processing of Training Loans
    • Processing of Cabinet Authority Applications
    • Monitoring the implementation of Performance Appraisals
    • Validation Reporting
    • Human Resources development planning
    • Coordination of all training programmes and workshops

    Our Programmes/Projects

    • Teacher Capacity Development Programme
    • Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course

    Our Key Contribution to the Ministry’s Vision and Objectives

    • Advancing employee skills
    • Optimum resource utilisation
    • Building a team spirit within staff
    • Enhancing job satisfaction
    • Creating a talent pool
    • Improving efficiency
    • Induction of new college graduates


    • The Ministry has witnessed the graduation of the first group of PGDE students under the Teacher Capacity Development Programme.
    • In the second quarter of 2017 the training division will conduct a training needs analysis at national, provincial and district level.
    • The division also plans to conduct ICT capacity building for all its personnel
  • Disciplinary Services Division

    Our mandate as the Disciplinary Services Division is the maintenance of staff discipline.

    Our duties include:

    • Processing misconduct cases (analysing disciplinary cases and making recommendations on determination and penalty to be imposed) for members in the junior and middle grades;
    • Investigating allegations of misconduct
    • Appointment of disciplinary committees for members in the junior and middle grades;
    • Handling of grievances for members in the Ministry;
    • Handling complaints which have a bearing on the Ministry from members of the public;
    • Staff development of members of the Ministry on disciplinary procedures;
    • Providing advice to members of the Ministry on any disciplinary issues;
    • Processing requests for review (responding to issues raised by members in their requests for review and submitting the requests to the Public Service Commission); and
    • Attending court sessions and assisting Legal personnel on cases where members have appealed to the Labour Court, against the Ministry’s decisions.
    • Compiling monthly misconduct returns, analysing misconduct trends and taking appropriate action
    • Submitting returns to the Public Service Commission;


    Useful documents can be downloaded below: