• Updated Zimbabwe Curriculum Framework (6 MB)

    The Zimbabwe Curriculum framework sets out the common aims and objectives of the education system and the specific features of different education levels, thereby providing the basis for transparent relationships between schools, parents, and local communities. It also provides guidance to schools and education administrators in the organization, management and evaluation of the effectiveness of the school activities.

    Schools are encouraged to actively engage, as learning organisations, in providing diversified opportunities for all learners to develop the knowledge, key skills and attitudes defined in this framework. This framework is intended to be the main reference document informing the development of syllabuses, revision of syllabuses, development and use of learning resources and the creation of guidelines for in-service teacher training and support.

  • Education Act 25:04 (148 kB)

    AN ACT to provide for the declaration of the fundamental rights to, and objectives of, education in Zimbabwe; to provide for the establishment, maintenance and regulation of Government schools, Government teachers colleges…