We are the Ministry that administers the system of primary and secondary school education in Zimbabwe. We formulate and implement policies on education structure, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment, and we oversee the management and running of all schools in the country.

Our Vision and Mission


To be the leading provider of quality education, sports, arts and culture, for the development of united, well-educated Zimbabweans who are patriotic, balanced, competitive, self-reliant and cherish the values of Unhu/Ubuntu.


To promote and facilitate the provision of high quality, inclusive and relevant Early Childhood Development (ECD) Primary and Secondary Education, Life Long and Continuing Education, Sport, Arts and Culture.

The numbers engaged in Education confirm that we are at the heartbeat of the nation. Our work directly touches the lives of most Zimbabwean households as we serve the current 4,5 million learners in 5915 primary schools and in 2562 secondary schools. We also have one of the largest crop of government staff members, with a current establishment of xxx teachers, supervisors, officers, and support staff.

As a Ministry, we are driven by these three considerations:

  1. Curricular review: We are driven by the need to be responsive to socio-economic development. This responsiveness is seen in our determination to periodically review of the educational curriculum to serve current demands.
  2. Maintaining Achievements: We strive to maintain the achievements built over the years that have seen Zimbabwe rise to pole position in literacy in Africa, and a competitive position in the region on innovation. We do this by addressing the twin challenges of teacher professional development and infrastructure delivery.
  3. System Performance: We work to sustain the unique features of our education system. These features include support from parents through structures of school development committees (SDCs), Government budgetary allocations, and professionalisation of teachers and administrators. We strive to ensure that the system continuously improves and renews itself.

As we implement the Curriculum Framework for Primary and Secondary Education (2015 – 2022) we want to share the Ministry’s core values and standards of performance expected at every level.

The website is an information repository where we share education facts, and information on developments in the education sector in the country. We encourage you to contact us through email, phone, and social media giving your suggestions on how we can improve our primary and secondary education system.